All Over and Under the Rhine (single)

by French Letters

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"All Over and Under the Rhine"
feat. Erik Patten on saxophone,
back up vocals by Kelly Young

feat. Erik Patten on saxophone


released December 11, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Conrad Uno at Egg Studios
Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering
Album artwork by Dylan Speeg

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French Letters Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: All Over and Under the Rhine
This defeated way I hang my head
is my makeshift mercy,
I barter for beers and bide my time with bastards.
This haphazard way I come in
to make my crash landing
has been calculated and expected, a-huh.
It goes to prove what you said about me is true,
all over and under the Rhine.

Your voicemail resonates your voice
in a cold shouldered way,
a facsimile of my fantasy.
And although I left nothing
but a mere whisper of breath,
I know you know
it’s me.
Drunk again, disasterously,
all over and under the Rhine

Last call carries old panic again,
when I still got so much left to sort out.
Oh please, baby, I don’t want to go home alone
to that cold and empty, filthy house.
Before my head against the rumbling
and off I go, stumbling
all over and under the Rhine.

Drew a moon with Dracula teeth
and let it suck my draught beers dry, boy.
I jump start my cigarettes off blackened cat bones.
I try to keep that shot in my mouth
a full minute before I swallow it
just to numb the heat of your memory.

I ain’t looking for your sympathy,
I’m just hungry for your company,
my love sells itself from door to door
it passes out on floor to floor.
My fingers bleed
I can’t see the shine
no more.

Like a true abra-cadaver,
sacrifice my body for the magic of the matter
and find myself for the 23rd time:
I’m under the Rhine.

C’mon baby can’t you hear me at your door,
gonna pour myself all over your floor.
C’mon baby won’t you let me in your door,
spill myself all over your floor.

Doo-doo-doo, a c'mon.